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Posted Date: 06 May, 21 Category: Difine the beauty Tip
Value of beauty


Beauty can be in two ways one our inner beauty and one our Physical Beauty. We can redesign our physical beauty in any way we can, but we have to work on our own level for inner beauty.

So we start with the first topic we've named Our Inner Beauty:

  • Inner beauty comes from our birth and it was done by self-effort, we can low and high this quality but we cannot remove it. For example, our way of talking, walking, Listening, View and way of understanding, your reaction is a way for anyone to understand our inner beauty.mybeautyparlour
  • These are some things that give value to your inner beauty and add to the value of your beauty in the physical world. 
  • Even if we look at its value as wealth, our inner beauty fulfils all the needs of our physical world. 
  • And above all, people see our physical beauty before we see our inner beauty, so we pay more attention to our physical beauty first.
  • That’s why everyone is paying more attention to their physical beauty and believes more about things like good looking themselves and looking beautiful.

"This paper describes and analyzes the norms of beauty in India by considering the whiteness of people’s skin, Caucasian looks, body shape, and its impact on social status. The paper also analyzes the relationship between skin colour, social positioning, and pale skin in India. Furthermore, the paper explores the historical and ongoing influence of Colonialism and Globalization in rooting the notion of “Fair is beautiful” and establishing homogenized beauty ideals in Indian society. Finally, the paper analyzes the impact of whitening/lightening products in promoting western beauty standards in India." By Khesraw Majidi

Now we will see how important physical beauty is and the importance of it in this world:

  • We cannot deny physical beauty because this is our first impression of others. 
  • And it is this physical beauty that gives us great value in the physical world, whether it is in the form of money and or as a profession of ours.
  • I have told you in my previous article how physical beauty is maintained here we are only talking about its value.
  • The value here can mean your money, your behaviour, how you listen, your dressing sense may help show you for smart personality. These things do also determine your value.
  • If people call you smart and get attracted to you very quickly and listen to you as quickly as possible, understand that you have a very high value in this world.

"Now we will see the growth of the value of the beauty and personal care market across India -

2010 Market Value is 5.5 billion U.S. dollars

2020 Market Value is 22.5 billion U.S. dollars "                                                                            source

The value of beauty can take you to the peak and not understanding it properly can even bring you down from there so you have to decide that you have both kinds of beauty within you. We can't say here whether the inner beauty is big or physical beauty, but beauty is beauty and you know its value from other people. Our good thinking enhances the value of beauty and value reduces by bad thinking completely.

So you should keep in mind how much you can enhance your beauty because you don't right to give value it at all. Many people are your friend, your boss, and your family there who give value to your personality. It so you should just focus on improving it.

"The word “beautiful” holds more meaning to it than you would think. It could mean you have a beautiful soul or a beautiful smile, or you are a drop-dead gorgeous angel that fell from the sky. What you do not realise is, you could be beautiful in one country and not even the slightest bit of attractive in other." by Khyati Rajvanshi

And finally let me tell you one more thing:

you are at the top when you know the value of your beauty. How you can use this, you shall be decided. Beauty art is business for the Beautician.

Thank you!

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