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Posted Date: 22 Jun, 21 Category: Beauty artist community Tip
Best website for indian beautician

Which beauty group is the best is a very difficult question? It is very wrong to say good to any beauty group or underestimate any beauty group. Here we won't tell you which beauty group is good and which beauty group is bad, but we can tell you here that If you are a beautician, what platform should you go to where you don't need to form a group. If you're a consumer, you can go there and see which beauty parlour will be suitable for you.

Group or Community - The website we are going to mention to you here does not require any group or community as this side itself defines the community and groups of all based on every category. So, we would like to suggest that if you are a beauty artist, go to My Beauty Parlour and register yourself. On this web portal, you get all the facilities and it is dedicated only to the beauticians. And shortly, you will also get your customer tracking support in it. 

Upgrade Yourself to Celebrity - if you are a beauty artist makeup artist tattoo artist mehndi artist skincare expert, freelance beauty artist, massage expert and any type of beauty artist, so you're welcome to and you can come here and promote yourself from every level and grow your business. When we come out of all the small groups and come to a very large community at the entire India level, we will make this community a long way.

Which type of Promotion Do You Want - Here we are discussing other sites that have provided only free listing and their promotion is very costly. These types of sites promote multi-type of businesses, products, etc. Like a justdial, indiamart and many sites on the internet. This is known to every beautician who has done his listing on such aside as well promoted himself. How we have actually got by promoting ourselves to sites. Such a website is in the name of promotion takes money from us and some preach us with banners on some area for a few days. So, here we are providing a tool of self-promotion of your beauty business in all India levels.

My Beauty Parlour is a Solution for Beauticians in India - We know that every Beauty Parlour in India also wants its promotion online and every single beautician wants to move from his to the next level. It's very important to spend at least money and do all our promotion in online. A web portal where there is no disruption, where even a beautician can give full publicity. All types of Beauticians will not have any interruptions in our portal and you will promote yourself all over India.


  • You can free or trial service in it for 3 months. We also call Freemium Listing.
  • It's a subscription service for one year.
  • Submit all kinds of projects as a before and after photo, your video link etc.
  • You can Submit all kinds of Beauty services such as offers, charges, Products, Brands etc.
  • You Can be Located your Branch and Franchise anywhere in India.
  • Its biggest advantage is that you can upgrade to Celebrity.

Charges :

My Beauty Parlour wants at least charges of you to promote as much as you can. Our service is a Subscription base, lets us describe our one year Service Charges. We provide you with three types of service:

1- Freemium Listing - This is the trial for beauticians where you learn to operate the dashboard of My Beauty Parlour.

2- Standard Package - This is the one-year Subscription Service for you are charged only INR 99/- 

3- Premium Package - This is the one-year Subscription Service for you are charged only INR 999/-.

This Charge is the lowest promotion charge in the online promotion, and anyone checks them.

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