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Posted Date: 27 Jul, 21 Category: Beauty business Tip
Best app or software for indian beautician business

All Beauty Artist has a question in mind about which platform, that's beautician called software/app/online booking app/beauty parlour appointment app, etc. to register her beauty parlour or salon so that she gets the more customers. Here we found a platform, which helps beauticians where any beautician can reach their own target customers and manage their own salon online.

What a beautician want in an online app:
1- Make your own profile or web page.
2- Take your booking and appointments online and manage them.    
3- Make your own portfolio.
4- Submit your own projects such as images and videos.
5- Help to makes more customers.
6- Help to Promotion for the right customers.
7- Help to become a Brand Beautician.
8- Help to become a Beauty Celebrity or Influencers.
9- Help to make more followers.
10- Help to build your own community or connect to the all India Beautician community.

Need for Salon Business- The way we promote ourselves so far helps us reach as many people as possible, but there is no guarantee that it is reaching our targeted customers? Any beauty artist, who has worked at a certain level, reach the next level she can take her profession forward and become a celebrity. Can we create an online Indian beautician community at different levels or so that we can be able to take the beauty salon category to a different level in the near future? These are some of the questions that show that people working in our beauty industry consider themselves to be only one doer while they are very big parts of this beauty industry. There are many such questions to which solution we have created this app called My Beauty Parlour.

Feature of this App:my beauty parlour
1- Creat your own web page or profile.
2- Automatically schedule your listing in this software.
3- All types of connecting tools, as call, message, mail, etc.
4- Geographic location app for your salon.
5- The software helps you with Online booking/appointment.
6- Submit your service, cost, offer, project etc in this app.
7- Explore your expertise with the right category.
8- Get reviews, feedback from true customers.
9- Beauty product support by this app.
10- Auto-Promotion software for the right customers.
11- Become a Brand Beautician tool available in this app.
12- Upgrade yourself as a Beauty Celebrity or Influencers.
13- Make more sharing-Make more followers.
14- Connect to all India Beautician communities by this app.
15- Online technical support app for your customers.
16- Online/offline seminar, workshop, training app.
17- Online certificate support for beauty institute.
18- Work with My Beauty Parlour as a partner.
19- Increase extra online income with the salon.

Connect to Salon Industry- This online App/Software/website is totally dedicated to Indian beauty artists. On this, we are designing the portal in such a way that beauty artists do only their job in the near future and this portal will automatically promote them. Our first task is to register beauty artists in it and divide them into different categories and communities. This portal will have all the work that a beauty artist does so far by creating its own page or by creating its own site such as a listing, profile making, show own projects, customer reach, self-promotion etc.

In the App, you will find the beautician panel different and at the same time, you get the celebrity and the panel of our products all different. In this portal, we will work only for the beauty industry and whatever celebrity or beautician it has and its related products. The biggest advantage you will get from this portal is that the user panel will be completely different for you where you can fully keep your customer information. Through the Different Community, we are fully capable of promoting you at different levels so that we will know which beauty parlour is currently working in which labels. From a different type of community as city level, state-level, national-level community. How your community will look at your, and how you can use it in the national Beauty industry. We are sure that we will take this beauty industry a long way. And for all these reasons we can say that My Beauty Parlour is the right portal for beauticians where every beautician should register himself. Here is an attempt to bring all beauticians across India together. So that, we can say that "we are the Indian Beauty Artist"

We give advance congrats to every beauty artist of India for collaboration with My Beauty Parlour.