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Posted Date: 22 Jun, 21 Category: Beauty parlour tips Tip
Ways to do diamond facials

Any diamond facial has 5 types of steps, and in a facial kit it has 4 types of steps. Now we have to know what kind of skin diamond facials do.  Diamond facial is meant for bright skin which is screen fair and shiny.

Which Time Apply Facial Process - Do diamond facials in the evening if you can, If it is necessary to do it in the morning or during the day, make sure that you do not come out in the sun. If you do this, there will be a risk of dusk in your skin after that. So our suggestion for you is that diamond facials should always be done in the evening or at night. Now we'll then give you an account of the steps in which you should do a facial.

Step 1

Clean Your Face with Cleanser - First of all, if you have taken any diamond facial kit with 5 steps, first you have to clean your face with cleansing. If you don't have a cleanser available in your kit, you can clean your face with any cleanser.

Step 2 

Apply the Massage Cream - After cleaning your face with a cleanser, you need to massage your face for 20 to 30 minutes with a massage cream on the second step. After massaging, clean all the cream from your face with the help of cotton. Massaging like this will make your facial skin soften to a great extent, which all the dirt on the face will also go out.

Step 3

Massaging with a scrub - After the third step, you will massage the scrub on your face. Massaging with a scrub clears all your dead cells from your place. Like cream, you will massage it for at least 20 minutes and then clean it with cotton.

Step 4

Apply the Face Pack - After these 3 steps, you will use the pack in your face. Use the pack except the eyes all over your face, place a thin layer of the pack all over the face. And let it stay on your face for 20 to 25 minutes. Then remove it from your face with the help of cotton and rose water. Then relax the face for 5 minutes and apply the fifth step.

Step 5

Clean Your Face with the Gel - In the fifth step you have to clean your face with diamond facial gel, and, you have to make sure that after the water or rose water on the face is not used. The gel makes your skin beautiful and shiny.

Precaution - Be careful not to go out in the sunlight after doing diamond facials.

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